What We Do

Maritec Digital Data provides consultancy services and customised database solutions in the area of electronic document / information integration with planning, manufacturing, PLM and supply chain systems. With a special focus on Information as the key business driver, Maritec Digital Data provides



  • Document and Information management services

Scanning, indexing, drawing and document conversion and management (EDMS), imaging, data entry, markup and cross linking, technical support, training, and consulting.


  • Digital Archiving services

Metadata management and open resource definition systems, physical and digital file attribute management, cross-linking, file storage and retrieval.


  • Database development and software solutions

Customised systems to create, search, extract and manage content; product lifecycle data management systems


  • Workflow solutions

Streamline business work processes and leverage information assets throughout the organization; capture and manage product and facilities lifecycle maintenance processes and their related data / documents; query/retrieve documents based on dynamic lifecycle data.


  • Consulting services

Requirements assessment, Dataflow analysis and architecture design, project management, data conversion formats and information integration.