Maritec has developed a range of software solutions, for general and specific applications.


The "Order Tracking System" (OTS) is designed to computerise the process of tracking an order from a customer from the time the order is received to the time it is shipped. Data for all intermediate stages is captured and tracked directly in OTS.     More ...


  • Nexi - Enterprise resources Management System

NEXI is intended to define and manage the data of the company's business associates. The system is designed to incorporate data about real world entities and their relationships in a corporate world. These entities are Enterprises, Persons, Addresses, Communications, Equipments and Documents.

  • EasyDoc - Document Manager


  • SDMS - Ship Data Management System


  • Garuda - Open Resource Definition System
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        Maritec’s customer service cell will be happy to demonstrate the use of the software solutions at the customer’s site.