Established in 1997, Maritec is a single owner business, backed by more than 35 man-years of multi-faceted experience in design and engineering.

The company firmly believes in the principle ‘small is beautiful’ and the use of ‘appropriate technology’. Composed of a contained, highly skilled and professional team, the company is motivated and inventive. Quality, as also the unshakeable determination to fulfil all customers’ needs, is the key to Maritec’s philosophy: the company has been able to satisfy the demands of the most exacting clients.

“Innovation, modularisation, technology re-use, and leveraging the cost/time benefits of working with compact and highly focused development teams give us the confidence to take on projects on a scale which would deter much larger companies” says Vimal Mohindra, who left the Indian Navy after 25 years to pursue his passion for information management and software design. “Because our overheads are small, our customers also love the small bill we present them with” he adds with a smile.

Business plans

Maritec is interested in teaming, partnerships, and subcontracting.


Maritec aims to work with the highest standards of integrity, ethics and business practices in order to provide cost effective services and deliverables on-time and to the very highest quality while keeping customer interests as the primary focus at every step.